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Zimmer MedizinSysteme - Excellence in Medicine

Zimmer MedizinSysteme GmbH, headquartered in Neu-Ulm, Germany, has been a reliable partner to physicians and therapists for over 50 years with its medical technology system solutions for diagnostic products, physical therapy and aesthetic medicine.

The German market leader in physical therapy and world market leader in cold therapy for aesthetic medicine, Zimmer MedizinSysteme is present in Germany and Austria with more than 120 medical product consultants and exports products to more than 80 countries worldwide.

The company has always placed great emphasis on research and development, whereby the advancement technologies that are relevant to contemporary users and patients, is equally as important as scientific progress.

FREI medical – Rehab Solutions

Over 40 years of experience in physiotherapy: we know what physiotherapists need for successful therapy!

FREI have been supplying physiotherapists with therapy devices and treatment beds from their own production lines since 1976. FREI medical devices and treatment tables are certified and designed according to the principle of integrated safety. They represent experience, knowledge and a continuous dialog with our clients. Our training equipment supports health and rehabilitation with unmatched safety.

Innovation, design & quality Made in Germany: a great deal of technological understanding and knowledge of therapy provide the foundation for our FREI developments. We hold numerous patents and have the most exacting standards when it comes to functionality and manufacturing. The FREI design speaks for itself and has already been awarded numerous design prizes.


Enraf-Nonius – Partner for Life

Enraf-Nonius is market leader in the world of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Headquarted in the Netherlands, Enraf-Nonius delivers innovative products and services of the highest quality according to the most advanced techniques and make these products available world-wide via a comprehensive, international distribution network. Operations include research and development, engineering, sales, marketing, distribution, and customer service. EN-Projects is a subsidiary company for turn-key solutions. Founded in 1925 in The Netherlands, Enraf-Nonius has evolved to be a global player in the market of medical equipment and rehabilitation products. With long lasting relationships all over the world Enraf-Nonius is a Partner for Life.

EN-Projects: "Turnkey" Healthcare Projects

EN-Projects is the Projects Division of Enraf-Nonius B.V. (www.enraf-nonius.com) and was created to further develop project work carried out by Enraf-Nonius B.V. With its background in rehabilitation projects, EN-Projects now provides comprehensive equipment packages and turnkey solutions for hospitals, healthcare centres and other health-related organisations worldwide. Alongside equipment packages, EN-Projects can facilitate concept development, design, construction, staff training and maintenance as part of turnkey solutions tailored to our client’s needs. Our team comprises of a dedicated group of professionals, specialising in equipment and medical systems, design & engineering, logistics, procurement, and project management. Our experience and proven track record have enabled us to implement a variety of health and science based equipping projects for private, commercial and government clients.


GBO: Medical Technology "Made in Germany"

Founded in 1969 as “Gerätebau Odenwald”, the original company purpose was to assemble ULTRATHERM 608 short-wave devices for SIEMENS.

This developed into a close cooperation over the following 25 years, in which gbo eventually developed and produced complete ranges of physical therapy equipment for SIEMENS.

In 1994 SIEMENS transferred their physical therapy operations to development and production partner gbo and since then, gbo has been active worldwide under its own name and, has further developed the products acquired and expanded its own product range.

In addition to SIEMENS as its main partner, gbo has also been active for other well-known customers, these include MBB with the MediLas produced at gbo, Bosch, VDO and others.

Medset – Innovation in Cardiology

Almost 35 years ago, with the introduction of the first digital ECG recorder, Medset established itself as a provider of high-quality products for cardiopulmonary diagnostics in medical practices and hospitals.

The product range includes:

Devices for at-rest, stress and long-term ECG examinations, long-term blood pressure monitoring and spirometry as well as PADSY, our cardiology platform.  PADSY organises all applications, controls the devices, and offers extensive evaluations.

Medset also network systems in medical practices and clinics and provide workflow-optimised solutions, both between Medset and other diagnostic devices, and clinic and practice information systems.

We are the only provider to offer our customers the option of using our software products on Windows or macOS operating systems.

Medset has been part of the successful ZimmerGroup in Neu-Ulm since 2017. This collaboration offers a broad foundation for exciting developments – both for our customers and for every single colleague.

True to the motto: “We have sound and healthy ideas!”


Zimmer Shenzhen

With the expanding global activities of ZimmerGroup International and the upscaling of production and sales in the Asian region, two subsidiaries are founded in China. The domestic sales is coordinated from a new modern premises in Shanghai while in Shenzen a hyper modern production facility has been built in order to comply with market demand and to assure superior production quality.

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